Tsobol Cushions Grey

549 kr

Tsobol cushions display intricate geometric designs, entirely handmade by highly skilled women artisans from Aldama, in the highlands of Chiapas. Using a prehispanic weaving technique called waist loom (telar de cintura). Each piece takes between 3 and 4 weeks to complete, with the artisan being required to constantly count the threads due to the complexity of the design.
Through their weaving, artisans reflect their identity, their tradition and express their view of the world.

By purchasing these cushion covers, you are actively supporting a pre-hispanic tradition of Mexican handicrafts, as well as positively impacting deprived communities in Chiapas.

Thank you!

Material: 100% cotton thread

Measures: 45 x 45

Care: wash at 30 degrees with similar colours