Palm basket - Big Pink Star Tenate

349 kr

Our Baskets Tenates are made from natural palm collected from the surroundings of the community of Ixcatlán in the state of Oaxaca, Mexico.  They are woven by a small cooperative of artisans using an ancient weaving technique “petatillo”.

Ixcatlán is truly a unique place, as it is the last survivor of the Ixcatecan ethnic group, and the weaving of the palm is their main source of income.

Tenates baskets were originally used to store grains and other food supplies, now you can use them to store a range of things; like toys, blankets, gloves and scarfs, even as pretty pots. You name it!

It comes with a useful lid to keep things tidy or to use as yet another basket ;-)

Measures: 28 diameter x 32 cm approx.


- Always ethically made -