Who We Are

After living many years away from Mexico, I’ve seen my country change very rapidly. MAÍS is born as a desire to show the progressive Mexican culture of today, its richness and diversity from the old, the new and the mix of both.
A passion to promote the innovative Mexican talent that is bringing something fresh and different to the table is what inspires us. Active members of society that are inspired by traditional Mexican handicrafts and are offering high quality art and designs, produced with the utmost respect to the artisan, to our roots.
One of the main pillars of MAÍS is our commitment to a socially responsible business model, ensuring that all our products are ethically produced. All our partners share our values of respect towards the artisans’ work, their community and culture. Furthermore, many of our products have been made using unique crafts techniques. Our aim is to help provide a sustainable source of income for the indigenous communities that work with these crafts, and thus we seek to preserve the crafts and encourage the coming generations to work with them.
We focus on handcrafted products using mainly (not only) natural materials.
All products are proudly 100% made in Mexico.